Photo by Michelle Lange (ps. check out her work, it's amazing! - S)

Photo by Michelle Lange (ps. check out her work, it's amazing! - S)

I started Invitations by Stephanie in early 2014 after finally realizing how to tap back into my creative side. I took graphic design through college alongside my communications major at RPI in Troy, NY (no, it's not just engineers there!) After graduation, I ended up pursuing a career in marketing which would be my focus for the next few years, and what I still continue to do today. When my friends started to get married, I realized more and more that designing invitations would be the perfect fit to fulfill my passion. 

It's so fun to working with clients who are planning for a special day - weddings, bridal showers, baby showers or any type of celebration. The excitement and good feelings that come along with it, are just a plus to what I’m doing!  I currently live in Queens, NY (but moving soon to the 'burbs!) with my husband, Matt, and work at American Express in Manhattan.

- Stephanie


  • I just got married on October 3, 2015 and actually loved the planning process!

  • Every morning, I wake up early to watch the news, enjoy my coffee, and catch up from the day before. 

  • Running is my stress relief (designing is too!)

  • I love everything about the holiday season! 

  • Favorite quote as of the moment: Happiness is the secret to all beauty.